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Brand strategy

It’s easy to leave a brand to chance. a very long document, that sits in a folder called Brand Strategy, a squishy stress ball with a logo in brand colours and a string of campaigns that haven’t quite moved the dial.

But a brand strategy, one that fires the heart and soul of a business is different. A brand strategy ensures that you have a positioning in the market that aligns with the vision, mission and values of your business. That the brand is carried through the products and services you develop and is seen in relationships with customers and employees. It changes the way you are perceived by the world. Through the layers of copy and design on your websites, in the tone of your social media posts and advertising, and the insight in your content. It is consistent, immoveable, it is your rock.


Brand Strategy Services

Brand Positioning

Encapsulate your true and distinct offering in the marketplace. Through workshops, interviews, and research we uncover deep insights about you and your sector that sets you up with a positioning solid enough to stand the test of time but charismatic enough to move the market.

Customer Value Proposition

How to you articulate the experience your customer will receive from using your product? How does it relate to your brand? We look at customer drivers and product benefits and create customer value propositions that make in clear to your customer just what value will be created when they purchase.

Brand Architecture

Multi-Product or Multi-Brand Strategy? The way brands and products with in a stable interact with each other and the world can be difficult to navigate. We take an objective view from the eyes of the customer to ensure your brand architecture is clean, simple to understand and meaningful.

Product Value Proposition

Similar to Customer Value Proposition, product value propositions enable you to articulate and communicate the real value of your product. With the overarching brand in mind we use product and customer insights to give you a powerful statement that lays the foundation for your marketing messaging.

Branding Design

In a world where minds are made up in a 5th of a second, how you look can have a marked impact on how people feel about you. Through brand identity and design we ensure your content is read, your website converts and your presentations look as professional as your sales team.

Brand Management

Depending on a brands marketing maturity, awareness, systems in place for lead generation and internal marketing resource we intercept a brand at the point most needed. Building brand foundations, solidifying messaging and amplifying brands through multichannel campaigns and social engagement.

Brand strategy resources

One of the brave.png

Be one of the brave

It’s in our nature to follow the leader and be protected by the herd. But if you assume there is a template to success you could be missing out on those things that will make your business special. To illustrate, here’s the story of two men racing against each other and the elements, that shows how striking out on your own path could help your B2B tech business not just survive, but thrive.

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The rubber band brand

The success of brands like Apple, Xero and Google has proven that a strong brand has never been more valuable. Find out why a strong brand is critical to the financial success of your business, and how to build yours.