‘What would Google do’ is no longer the answer, it’s the curse.

The undisputed heavyweights of the world are the new tech giants. Successful, disruptive and cool. And if you’re a B2B tech company, chances are you’ve set your sights on the ones who’s example you want to follow.

brand essence

The poster child for your brand essence might be Google, Salesforce or Atlassian – someone big, and successful who's done it all before.

It feels safe, even prudent, to follow the lead of other successful businesses. You study their moves carefully. But if you assume there is a template to success, you could be missing out on the things that will make your business different.

unique brand essence.png

And that could be your downfall.

Because here’s the truly scary thing. No matter how brilliant you are, how unique your idea, or how talented your developers, technically identical ripoffs will happen.

brand differences.png

There is only one thing that will help you beat off your competition.

There is proof that brands with meaningful points of difference are more likely to be chosen by buyers, and are more successful. The sort of loyalty that keeps you top of mind, and close to the heart.

brand exploration.png

And yet, many B2B marketers don’t feel equipped to do this.

Many B2B marketers don't feel they have a different enough story, or know how to communicate their brand essence well enough to cut through the clutter, and rise above the noise.

It takes courage to find your brand essence.

It’s in our nature to follow the leader and be protected by the herd. So that’s why, even when we’re talking about growing a B2B or tech business, it takes courage to turn away and head off to a horizon that’s unexplored.  But if you fall into the logical fallacy of assuming there is a template to success you could be missing out on those things that will make your business special.

So we'd we'd like to share the story of two men racing against each other and the elements, to illustrate how striking out on your own path could help your B2B tech business not just survive, but thrive.