Brand positioning: What does your brand stand for?


A brand is more than a business name or a logo - more than the tagline under it. 'Brand' is a way of describing a promise or an experience that a customer gets – the sum total of all their interactions with you, which includes everything they see from content and advertising through to your customer service team and  management policies. And by the strict letter of marketing law, brand positioning should be the first step in your marketing journey. Read more about that in an article we've written here.


So just how do you get to a brand positioning?

Is it Mabo, is it justice, is it the law, is it the vibe? Well its kind of the vibe but its more sheer hard work, a lot of prodding, asking, questioning and wrestling with a final layer of creativity and inspiration laid over the top.   We deep dive into your business through in-depth sessions with your team, and key customers to build a clear picture of who you are and why your customers want you to form a brand positioning that covers every touch point with your customers, from communications through to sales and service. 

Brand Positioning Elements

The work that goes into a brand positioning consists of key questions and answers. Here's a non-exhaustive list.

  • Key brand insights - What is at the heart of your business. What do you do better than everyone else. What are the things that make you, you. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Key customer insights - What do your existing client think is special about you, what do they appreciate the most. Is it your winning smiles or is it because your software performs the best in the market. What is the external market telling us, what do they expect from a business like yours.
  • Competitive review - What are your competitors talking about in their marketing? While its rare for any business these days to have a unique selling points, what is important to pay attention to is what are competitors rabbiting on about.. Clear white space is space to win business. Lets own that.
  • Customer journey mapping - A customer journey map tells the story of the customer’s experience: from the moment they came in contact with your brand, through the engagement and on to a long-term relationship. It maps out all the steps and identifies what is required at every stage of the journey.
  • Brand positioning - the smashing together of a key customer insight and a matching brand insight, with a bit of creative dust sprinkled over the top.
  • Key messages - the 3 or 4 proof points that tell everyone why they should believe your brand positioning. No more than 4 though otherwise your potential customers will drown it the weightyness of your greatness.
  • Brand personality - If your business was a person what would it feel like, what would it sound like, what would people expect from you. People love consistency, sounding and looking the same across all touch points makes people feel safe.

If our bullet points on Brand Positioning have left you wanting more....

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