We are a marketing agency that creates strong brands and brilliant content to give businesses a human face. We are The Revery.

Brand positioning

The world is a busy place. Humans have gone from being exposed to 500 ads a day in the 70s to 5000 ads a day in 2018. Business from all over the globe are shouting for our attention from sun up to screens down. To be heard, it’s never been more important for brands to be consistent, to be insightful, and to know who they are through every layer of their communication.

Where does this start? It always starts with a solid, meaningful and creative brand positioning. One that has the ability to cut through the clutter, allows customers to see who you really are, and makes you easy to buy.


Brand positioning services 

Brand Research

Through workshops, ethnographic interviews and customer surveys, we search far and wide for insights that will power a meaningful and timeless brand positioning that will serve you now in in years to come.

Creative Brand Statement

A mixture of art and science, finding the right brand statement - one that resonates with a business - takes guts and healthy debate. Our processes allow insight and creativity to work hard and give words just the right amount of charisma and emotion to move the market.

Competitor Brand Analysis

We look at your competitors and find the white spaces for your brand to comfortably sit. It doesn’t have to be unique but it does have to be true and something your key competitors aren’t talking about.

Brand Tagline

A statement is wonderful for really explaining the depth behind a brand positioning. But it’s hard to squish a paragraph behind a logo. All our brand work adds in a short form tagline that can be used across every part of your marketing communications.

Customer Journey Mapping

By understanding customer motivations from their first interactions with you all the way to a sale, we map what customers require from your brand at each point to assist in conversion.

Brand Personality

Humans like consistency, it makes us feel safe. Brands that sounds the same in every channel, year in year out makes you easy to like and easy to buy. We create a brand personality that feels like your business even when you’re not in the room.