Bodycare: Preventing injuries, one brand at a time

Bodycare help to manage worker health and safety at some of the biggest and most complex worksites in Australia such as Metcash, Grocon and Amcor. Bodycare have a practical framework for injury prevention supported by a team of onsite physiotherapists who actively work to prevent injuries rather than just treat them. A proactive approach to injury management is unusual in a market devoted to simply treating injuries as they happen, but Bodycare had not found a way to effectively communicate this. They needed a new positioning to raise brand awareness and use in marketing to generate more leads.



A new brand positioning: Injury-proof your business

With a new brand positioning Bodycare started to unite their team behind the aspirational goal of injury-proofing every business they work with.


A content marketing campaign

To introduce the new brand positioning to their existing customers and raise awareness to potential customers we were able to translate Bodycare's decade of expertise and knowledge into a whitepaper and digital advertising campaign outlining the 6 Principles of Injury Prevention.



The results

Over the 6 week campaign, site traffic increased by 30%, driven by digital advertising on social media, and targeted HR and OS&H website banner placements. 23% of visitors took action, either downloading the whitepaper or visiting other pages to find out more about Bodycare, resulting in more than 100 new leads.


Nerissa Atkinson