DonRiver: Branding a telco secret weapon with simplicity

DonRiver is a global consultancy firm that works with some of the world’s largest communication providers including Telstra to help build and manage their OSS - the complex set of backend systems that run telephone, mobile and internet services.

DonRiver had created industry changing software and needed a brand positioning that would create new markets and challenge old perceptions.

DonRiver Whitepaper


Step 1: Positioning the brand

We took the great, big expensive nightmare that are Operation Support Systems and positioned DonRiver as the antithesis to the existing OSS. What DonRiver had created was revolutionary. Software that sat over legacy systems enabling business to pull the data in a third of the time. No need to add anything or move anything. Simple.


Brand positioning:

Changing the face of OSS through simplicity.


Step 2: Launch Campaign – Content and Digital Marketing

To bring the positioning to life, we developed an introductory video and a whitepaper to help explain to potential customers across the globe how DonRiver could help transform their operations.


The results

Soon after the launch campaign DonRiver won the Vodafone account in Australia and New Zealand, after having used the video to help secure their first meeting. While we have no data to prove it, we like to take a little bit of the credit anyway.

Nerissa Atkinson