Waiting for your content marketing services to kick!

Time waits for no man. Or woman. The world of B2B tech moves fast and we expect things quick! So, what is this you hear about content marketing services taking 6-12 months to really hit its stride?

Be patient with your content marketing services and you will reap the benefits

Yep, content marketing takes from half a year to a year to move the dial. But move the dial it does. B2B technology companies using well-planned content marketing services are rewarded with positive brand perception, increased brand awareness and a steady flow of leads. So time to take a deep breath, have a nice cup of tea (or ¾ skinny soy decaf macchiato) and come with us on the content marketing journey.

The 3 major markers on the content marketing map:


content marketing services

1. Increase in web traffic

Potential customers researching problems that your B2B tech can solve suddenly start finding the answers in your content. The more answers and key words that are laid down in your site content, the more people will visit.

Content marketing services

2. Lead generation

Those who adore your content, then lovingly hand you their email addresses are leads. Capturing leads allows you to gently guide your prospects down the purchase funnel, with...you guessed it..more insightful content.

Content marketing sales.

3. Increase in sales

There is a massive upsurge in search results, you are getting high quality leads, it's now time to convert all the work to sales and see some real difference in your business results. 

Content's most reliable wingman 'amplification'.

Ok, we'll be honest with you here. We at the Revery were all born with the impatience gene, so if 6 - 12 months is a long time for you, it excruciating for us. That's why as part of our content marketing services we include a whole lot of amplification. This can make the boat go A LOT faster and makes everything you do bigger so when it goes, it GOES.

Whether your content includes video, eBooks or well written blog or 12, we find the best way to get it under the nose of your prospects. We throw highly relevant content that is interesting for your prospects to digest right in their click path which means you hit the market from all angles and are not solely reliant on waiting for the all mighty Google. 

Interested in our content marketing services? 

Drop us a line or call, we can take a look at what is currently going on with your online presence and chat about strategies to help you achieve some real business objectives.