+ What sort of marketing does The Revery specialise in?

We provide marketing strategy, brand strategy and creative execution that help technology business succeed, with a particular focus on brand building and inbound marketing.

We take a world of information and knowledge and concentrate it into something that attracts your customers at every touch point. We can help articulate your value proposition, and translate this into simple statements and powerful marketing that informs buyers, accelerates sales and drives revenue.

+ I've talked to other agencies about marketing, but feel like I get a cookie-cutter approach. What makes you different?

It would be nice (and easier) if every business had the same marketing requirements, customer base and product. But in reality, no two businesses are alike, and neither is the solution we recommend. What does remain consistent is the process we run each business through, which we've honed working for and on some of the world's largest brands over the last 20 years.

+ What's brand positioning?

Think of it like a location on a map – when customers want something, they need to know who specifically they can get it from. It doesn’t need to be unique (forget everythink you may have heard about Unique Selling Propositions!), but you do need to own this position by communicating about it constantly, wherever your customers are.

+ I've got a logo and a business name, is that what you mean by brand strategy?

A brand is not just your business name or a logo - nor is it the tagline under it. 'Brand'is a way of describing a promise or an experience that a customer gets – the sum total of all their interactions with you, which includes everything from your customer service team to your management policies.

Your brand strategy needs to set out a plan for how you roll out your brand positioning across your business - how you bring it to life.

+ What should be included in a marketing plan?

We think you should focus on 5 key areas:

  • Marketing objectives - these should be based on your overall business objectives to help you achieve them.

  • Sales assets - These are your tools, such as logo, website and sales collateral. You can't go on to the other key areas of expenditure until sales assets look good and are a clear representation of your brand. This is because when leads come in and you look a mess people will be turned off and the conversion rate to sales will be super low.

  • Awareness bulding - It makes sense that if people don’t know you exist they can’t buy from you. The potential channels to raise awareness are long and growing.
  • Engagement - getting your brand to be liked and trusted by existing as well as potential customers.
  • Sales - when people are ready to buy and want to buy NOW! It doesn't have to come after the other two but often does.

Below are many but not all options available to you in the key buckets of expenditure - it is exhaustively long list.

+ What should my marketing budget be?

We don't know - yet. Because what you need to invest in marketing is a factor of what you want to achieve, and how quickly you want the results. But it's important that you let us know what you think your budget might be so we can help you understand what that can buy you, steer you towards the activities that you can afford and away from those that are out of your price range.

+ How do I get my marketing in front of more customers?

For a lot of businesses the problem isn't actually getting in front of more people, but having the right advertising to catch their attention. We can help you develop advertising messages that will be relevant to your target market, and get it in front of them in the most effective way.

+ What's inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is very simply, marketing that pulls customers into you. You might be be most familiar with it when it takes the forms of blogs, but any content - infographics, whitepapers, ebooks, videos, podcasts and more that can attract potential customers looking for a solution is a form of inbound marketing. Its a slow but supremely effective way to build a customer base and we think it should form past of your arsenal.

+ I know I should be blogging, but where do I start? I don't know what to say.

There are 4 key steps:

  • Know what matters to your customers
  • Know what you stand for
  • Define your voice
  • Just get on with it