Our marketing agency has been lucky to have worked with some amazing clients who have trusted us as we've sailed them through the new marketing world.

Kent McNeil

CEO, DonRiver

DonRiver started working with the Revery in the later part of 2014. Historically, we have had a pretty difficult experience with making marketing work, to the point we basically stopped doing it. We convinced ourselves that word of mouth was the only effective way to generate new revenue. However we decided to give it another shot with the Revery and everyone is very happy we did. 

The problem before had always been that we did not allocate enough internal time and resources to support the process - or rather we did not have the ability to dedicate resources and time to it, so it produced nothing of value. However The Revery were able to take what little time we managed to allocate to them and not only ramp up their expertise with what we do, but produce amazing results. These have been well beyond my expectations, and at a fraction of the cost that we have previously attempted. 

I would highly recommend working with them and I plan to continue working with them for some time to come.

We've been working with the Revery for many years now and I continue to be impressed. We started with the brand, moved to the Website and now they manage everything from our Adwords to full Content Marketing. They really know our business and our objectives and stop at nothing to get us where we need to be. Our lead quality has improved tremendously since bringing them onboard.

Joel Hill

General Manager, Noojee Telephony Solutions

Ian McClelland

Managing Director, The Guardian Australia

Can I just say - really enjoying working with The Revery. Top notch. So happy - would have been really awkward if you were crap.

Richard Mason

General Manager, Austracker GPS

We engaged the Revery because they clearly understood the tech space and our customers.The Revery was able to take the technical and create a clear value proposition for our clients.

The Revery are wonderful to work with, have a 'can do 'approach and go above and beyond. It's rare to find a marketing company that is so focussed on achieving a sales result. I consider them a valuable extension of our team. 

Jonathan Gannoulis

OnQ - Lab Software

We needed a company to help us with us with our branding, messaging and marketing. We researched quite a few companies before we chose the Revery, who we felt just understood what we were trying to do and had an approach and style that worked.

The work they do for us really resonates with our business, their process make things easy and their output is top quality. I would definitely recommend them.

Grant Thomas

Principal, 3 Degrees

The Revery’s great work has resulted in defining my business proposition, tagline and a road map for developing a website and logo. The investment upfront means I now have a marketing position and client acquisition strategy to grow the business quickly. Thank you for your advice and attention to detail. For any business looking for honest advice and punchy marketing strategies, The Revery is the team that will deliver for you.