When thinking about business customers it may seem that the decision to buy will be a logical one - but not if you're a B2B marketing agency.

We know that just as in the past when 'no one ever got fired for buying IBM', business to business customers are ultimately influenced by emotion just like a consumer. The marketing challenge is that they need to know you and learn to like you, before they will be ready to buy.

b2b marketing

Having worked across many businesses, from financial services to software and from telecommunications to professional services, we are a B2B marketing agency that knows the importance of business to business marketing content that educates, entertains and empowers. We aim to get the right message, in front of the right people at the right time, using only the the channels for your marketing funnel that give you the biggest bang for buck.

Businesses can fall into the trap of assuming that B2B marketing can be ignored in favour of the sales team.

But in reality sales and marketing must go hand in hand. To be successful, your sales team needs both a steady stream of warm, qualified leads, and they also need to be armed with the right sales tools to help move customers down the buying funnel.

Only the B2B marketing that you need.

Depending on your business objectives, the business marketing activity we recommend might include help finding your niche, a brand refresh, b2b marketing content like a regular white paper promoted through social media, a killer sales presentation, illuminating case study videos or even lead generation and nurturing through inbound marketing combined with a persuasive email marketing automation program. 


You can read more about our agency's approach to B2B marketing on our blog. And if you're interested in working with a boutique B2B marketing agency that specialises in helping only tech companies win the hearts of more customers, why not say hello.