Your brand strategy provides a rock solid platform for content & marketing.

You know who you are, but do your customers? Do potential customers land on your website and get hit in the face with what you uniquely have to offer and why you are the very best people for them?

A clear and concise brand strategy helps the people that matter know instantly what you stand for and why they need you. Want to know more about how customers interact with brands? We've written more about your brands target here. Hint - its more about warm fuzzies than it is about logic.

How we approach branding.

With an open mind, an erasable marker, a clean white board and a curious heart, we capture a whole lot of interesting information from you, your customers and the market to understand 

  1. The great big shiny thing that makes you different and special.

  2. Who your customers are, the problems they are facing and how you solve this for them.

  3. The one most important thing we can say to get the market to take action.

  4. The 3 or 4 points that prove that you are who you say you are.

Here's a nifty flow chart on brand building taken from our eBook - How to build a strong and resilient brand. A Rubber Band Brand.


Branding in practice

So with a clear Brand Positioning in place where does the strategy take us? We identify the places that will give your Brand Positioning a chance to shine. It might be a new tagline or the starting point of a brief for a designer that gives an existing brand an entirely new and relevant look and feel. It might be an internal positioning statement that is used as the basis for all customer communications going forward. Or it might be the basis for an overall integrated marketing strategy which brings your brand to life and builds trust and engagement, just like we've done for DonRiver, Bodycare, Aglive and many others. We work closely with you to develop the right brand strategy to meet your needs.


If you'd like to talk more about brand strategy, we're always happy to catch up over a coffee. Why not say hello?