Brand Strategy

Brand strategy

It’s easy to leave a brand to chance. To have a never-ending document that sits in a never-opened folder called ‘brand strategy’. To have a squishy stress ball with your logo slapped on it and a string of campaigns that haven’t quite moved the dial.

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But a real brand strategy, one that ignites the heart and soul of a business, is different. A brand strategy ensures that you have a positioning in the market that aligns with your vision, mission and values. One that’s carried right through to your products, services and business relationships. It changes the way you’re perceived by the world. It unites the layers of copy and design on your website, the tone of voice in your social media posts and the essential messages in your advertising campaigns.

A good brand strategy is the key to a powerful and resilient business.


Giving agile leaders a fresh
way to create change.


Unlocking the potential of 'real-time' provenance

AC Goulding

Giving a breath of fresh air to a 40-year-old HVAC company

Pure Security

A breakthrough brand for the brightest minds in cybersecurity

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Brand Story, Tone of Voice & Key Messaging

The story, voice and messages behind your brand are what brings it together and sets it apart. Whether it’s the ‘about us’ section on your website, the description of a product or an email response to a customer, together they should deliver a consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.

Brand Naming

Changing or establishing the name of a brand or product is a big decision. We can help you make the right one for your audience. We’ll then handle the change management inherent with a rebrand, ensuring your new image is rolled out to every asset and employee.

Employee Value Proposition & Employer Branding

Lesson #1: who you are determines who you attract. With the right internal values, sharp branding and a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP), you’re more likely to secure top talent.

Brand Architecture

A successful B2B business means products and services are constantly evolving to adapt to a changing market or opportunity. Companies can end up with a tangle of brands that don’t make sense (or money). We create architecture that allow your brands to work in harmony together.

Vision & Mission

Central to any brand strategy should be the very beliefs and ambitions that underpin your business. This will give your company extra oomph and your team a greater sense of purpose. We’re here to help you forge that powerful alignment and streamline your trajectory.


Understanding your business and brand drivers is crucial to getting much-needed brand information from the right people and customers and the right insights from the world.

We work with you to set up a stakeholder group that'll provide in-depth insights and invite you along on the brand journey. We’ll also organise internal and external interviews with key customers and staff to gauge perceptions from both sides, as well as conduct a comprehensive audit of all existing brand collateral and materials.