Not your Dad’s software; selling software to Millennials.

They used to say that big large glass buildings don’t buy software, people do. But we would be more correct in saying that when it comes to business software these days, people aren’t buying software, large-framed glasses wearing Millennials are. And if you’re in the business of marketing or selling software, this has big implications […]

Think of your brand as an iceberg

I love Nandos. Cheeky, funny advertising, reasonably priced high quality food with friendly staff who know their free range (happy before dying) chicken. Their irreverent brand can be seen from their salt shakers through to their TV advertising. Beautiful marketing. The only thing that stops me eating a chicken pita everyday is their bathroom.

Local area marketing, now with more sizzle (and less sausage)

Local area marketing allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities to engage with individuals, businesses and media in their community. It can be incredibly potent when done well, either for a larger brand to amplify the messages of a larger campaign, or for a smaller company to have a big effect in a cost effective […]