How to find your brand tribe: keep it wheel

brand tribe

Drive down Beach Road at 8am on a weekend and you see them in their hundreds. Some might say lycra clad lemmings, others would say “lycra is very practical, and we’ll see who laughs last when we’re all 80 and you can’t get out of a chair.” They are my tribe, and we are very loyal to our tribe.

New ways to break old habits

Our daily lives are driven by repetition – what we have for breakfast, the way we travel to work, and what we watch on TV.  And while we tend to make considered choices when first considering a product purchase, over time we can develop purchase habits out of inertia or a desire to keep live […]

Better customer engagement: the new face of brand customisation

brand customisation

Brand images without faces are repinned on Pinterest 23% more than those with faces according to new research from Curalate.  Does this seem counterintuitive?  After all, companies are increasingly seeking to appear more personal and human – particularly through social media – in order to increase customer engagement and loyalty.