Not your Dad’s software; selling software to Millennials.

They used to say that big large glass buildings don’t buy software, people do. But we would be more correct in saying that when it comes to business software these days, people aren’t buying software, large-framed glasses wearing Millennials are. And if you’re in the business of marketing or selling software, this has big implications […]

Marketing in the time of COVID-crazy? Sell less. Be human more. Pivot fast.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs states our physiological, safety and belonging  needs to be met to stay mentally healthy. COVID19 has threatened these basic needs. Marketing needs to pivot during the next 3-6 months to reflect a different world mindset. Here’s how and examples of who is doing it well

Zen and the art of your content marketing strategy

“The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” While this leaves you with tough decisions, take comfort that though this, many of the strongest brands in the world have found real focus and success.

Is Snapchat right for a B2B digital marketing strategy?

Snapchat seems to be the new cool kid on the block; everyone is on there. Michelle Obama’s on there (michelleobama) promoting her recent trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain to promotion education for girls, and at the other end of the spectrum every Kardashians is on there, every day, letting us know their every move.

Dear Inbound Marketing, why do you take so long? From I’m Bored Now.

‘Here’s to waiting’ is the sign off to my all time favourite ad, ‘Guinness Surfers’. Turns out there is something in it. Delaying gratification is associated with greater wealth, low levels of substance abuse, a smaller waistline and for B2B tech, a steady flow of leads.

How trust converts brand advertising to sales

Brands can engender trust simply by being seen and heard. Consistent brand marketing directly affects how willing someone is to trust and shortlist your product or service. Here’s how.

7 ways traditional marketing fails for B2B SaaS

 The marketing rules are changing, particularly for SaaS companies, and the time of spending months fine-tuning a campaign worth a quarter of your marketing budget, launching it and crossing your fingers that it will work are going. Instead, a new, more agile approach to marketing is needed.

What the newspaper you read can teach you about the importance of brand positioning

A few years ago I made the conscious decision to stop watching the news on TV. Perhaps it was the groundhog day formula of ‘international war, opposition says the Government made a stupid mistake, sport, sport, sport, heartwarming kitten story’ or that it was increasingly easy to find news from other sources – online new sites, Twitter and opinion blogs that provided a sense of balanced perspective on the news.