Brand architecture

Brands are like empires. They have a tendency to grow, which is good, but the bigger they get, the harder it is to stop internal squabbles and armies of marauding Vikings. With the right brand architecture though, you can build an empire that lasts.

Brand Architecture

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Brand architecture is basically the internal structure of your brand. How it fits together. The unsexy frameworks that keep everything running smoothly.

For SMEs and three-person start-ups, this isn’t a big problem, but when you start merging, acquiring, diversifying and launching satellite offices in Tokyo, suddenly a tight brand architecture is the only thing holding it all together.


An end-to-end brand makeover for a global end-to-end asset and evidence tracking company. In their words, Hardcat ‘track stuff.’ But when institutions like the Australian …

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Preventing injuries, one brand at a time. Bodycare help to manage worker health and safety at some of the biggest and most complex worksites in …

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Pure Security

A breakthrough brand for the brightest minds in cybersecurity. Pure Security faced a common challenge for businesses that merge. Recently formed from 4 individual businesses, …

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Giving agile leaders a fresh way to create change What do you do when you’re a large organisation seeking strategic change, but locked in by …

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brand architecture services

Brand audits

Audit doesn’t have to be a scary word. Especially when it comes to brands. With a brand audit, we’re really popping the hood, taking a look around, and seeing if we can find any room for improvement or efficiency.

Brand frameworks

Brand architecture becomes more relevant when you start launching sub-brands, and sub-sub-brands, and sub-sub-sub….you get the idea. We can help you see the forest for the trees, and make sure all your brands are pulling in the same direction

Product frameworks

Without internal structures and hierarchies, it’s easy for a product catalogue to become a red hot mess. We’ll help you streamline product families, so consumers can navigate your website without having a nervous breakdown.

M&A projects

“So we acquired this brand, but we don’t know what to do with it…” That’s a problem we hear all the time. The solution is a top-to-toe brand audit and hard-nosed, data-driven consumer strategy. Our speciality.

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