An end-to-end brand makeover for a global end-to-end asset and evidence tracking company.
In their words, Hardcat ‘track stuff.’ But when institutions like the Australian Defence Force, DFAT, Boeing – even the UN – trust you with their most critical physical assets, you know they do a little more than that. With a system that’s helped 2,000 of the world’s largest companies, track evidence, weapons, IT hardware and more, Hardcat knows how to manage and track assets in a way which leaves their integrity in no doubt. They just needed the words to let the world know this too.


Hardcat work with organisations that have a lot to lose. Their clients are working in some of the most critical environments around the world, where trust is critical. If they drop the ball at any stage the impact can be significant and the reputational risk enormous. Knowing there’s a strong chain of custody for evidence, weapons, property and more is not simply a compliance requirement, it’s imperative when there is no room for error.

Idea: Certainty when it matters

In these types of organisations you can’t have a weak link when it comes to your assets. With a rock solid system that allows organisations to audit, track and maintain all their assets the Hardcat platform gives proof of the integrity of each organisation at every step. It’s this rigorous focus that led to a new positioning certainty when it matters.


While this is serious business, Hardcat wanted a high-vis presence that was a leap away from the traditional locks, hardhats and shields. We developed a logo that extends into a new language where X marks the spot, allowing for infinite variations to explain new concepts where required.


A new website completed the rebrand, Candid imagery, custom iconography and thoughtful content ensuring Hardcat’s online presence reflected the calibre of the real world situations their clients find themselves in.

What we did for Hardcat

Brand strategy, Brand design, Website

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