Employee value proposition

Quick question: why do people want to work for your company? The answer might have something to do with your Employee Value Proposition, otherwise known as that thing that gets people out of bed on Mondays.

Employer Branding

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A lot of companies neglect their internal branding, which is a bit of a shame. How you talk to your staff, what you stand for, how you motivate people internally – all these things add up to your employee value proposition something, which in turn drives culture.

And culture, believe it or not, is just as valuable as profit. Money comes and goes, but good employees are forever.


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employee value proposition services

Employee Value Proposition

If you want to attract the best, you first need to figure out what you stand for. We can help you articulate an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to improve your recruiting, advertising and internal comms.

Internal communication

How you talk to your team is just as important as how you talk to your customers – maybe more so. (Customers don’t leave reviews on Glassdoor.) We can design an effective comms strategy to boost morale and productivity.

Employer branding

How do you look to job applicants in the market? Is your inbox swimming with high-value CVs? With sharp employer branding, and a consistent communication strategy, we can help you stand out from the pack.

Company values

Your product is the What, but your values are the Why. Why get out of bed in the morning? Why do what you do? If you’re struggling to articulate those all-important, capital-V Values, we’re here to help.

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