A next-gen marketing strategy for a next-gen cell and gene therapy manufacturer.
Cell Therapies is an industry-leading facility that manufactures and deploys cell and gene therapies from Australia to the world. A core part of a healthcare precinct that includes The Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre, Australian hospitals and universities, Cell Therapies are well placed to help those running clinical trials. They came to us keen raise their awareness internationally, while generating leads from prospective clients across the U.S. and Canada markets.


12 week campaign
77% increase in organic impressions
18% download rate
10% increase website visits


Biotech companies work hard to bring innovative treatments to market. But these are complex products that continually raise challenges from growth planning to materials, process, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and supply chain resilience, at each step of the way from clinical to commercial. As startups or isolated research teams with educational facilities they are unsure of where to turn when obstacles arise and they need help.

Idea: Turning clinical concepts into a commercial reality

Our aim: for those anxious to make their clinical trials a success, we would let them tap into the insights of an industry leader. We created a whitepaper that provides a concrete action plan to scale a clinical trial into a commercial reality to position Cell Therapies as a partner who can help cell and gene therapy developers navigate these challenges at every step.

Sharing insights

A mix of owned content and relevant curated articles helped maintain positive engagement organically and drive the key messages of the campaign.

Amplification of the message

The campaign included organic social and paid advertising targeted at commercial roles within the biotech sector across the United States and Canada and also tapped into attendees at the BioProcess conference.

What we did for Cell Therapies

B2B marketing, Content marketing, Digital advertising, Social media

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